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Andreas Vollenweider (Musical Artist)Caverna Magica

Andreas Vollenweider - 1983 Caverna Magica

Pobierz Andreas Vollenweider - 1983 Caverna Magica w jakości 320 kbps !!! - bez logowania - za darmo

00:00 Caverna Magica 3:54
03:54 Mandragora 3:10
07:04 Lunar Pond 2:10
09:14 Schajah Saretosh 3:15
12:29 Sena Stanjena 2:41
15:10 Belladonna 5:23
20:33 Angoh! 2:42
23:15 Huiziopochtli 5:07
28:22 Con Chiglia 2:30
30:52 Geastrum Coronatum 1:44
32:36 La Paix Verde 0:46

Andreas Vollenweider - Vocals, Harp, Keyboards, Guzheng, Flute
Erdal Kızılçay - Keyboards, Oud
Walter Keiser - Drums
Andi Pupato - Percussion
Roger Bonnot- Sound effects
Corin Curschellas - Voices

Caverna Magica is the second studio album by New Age artist Andreas Vollenweider, released in 1983. It is almost entirely instrumental. It was the direct followup to Vollenweider's breakthrough album, "Behind the Gardens." The album opens with the sound of a man and woman walking and talking in an unknown language (some of the words -- notably in Spanish -- can be discerned when the track is played backwards) and then stumbling into an echoing cave and reacting with awe. The sound of dripping water in the cave turns into the rhythm of the music that fades in at this point. While the album originally stood on its own, in 1990 it and the preceding and subsequent albums (Behind the Gardens and White Winds) were re-released as a two-CD set entitled "Trilogy," suggesting they collectively constituted a single musical entity. The full titles of the first two albums lend credence to the suggestion that the three albums are thematically connected. The full title of the first album is "Behind the Gardens—Behind the Wall—Under the tree